Green Rovers Forest – It’s Like Playing Soccer.



Green Rovers Forest – It’s Like Playing Soccer.

Forest Green Rovers supported a nationwide camp to end both gambling advertisements and soccer sponsorship, saying it is like gambling sports betting malaysia. This club has joined the Big Step, a nationwide programme that includes Life charitable sponsorships and publicity for sports gambling and has been established to increase awareness of the ‘widening reliance’ on the betting and gaming sector. The club is part of the Big Step campaign.

We are happy to have Forest Green Rovers’ support. This is a crucial time to secure a significant change in the United Kingdom. As a restore-gambling addict and a huge fan of soccer, I love to make sure the game is part of the solution to gambling problems,” said James Grimes, the Big Step creator.

It's good to see Forest Green Rovers taking an eco stance, even if zebras  aren't all that scary | Sport | The Times

Along the support 

The obsolete laws on gambling need to reform, especially as online gambling increases exponentially. The sponsorship by cigarette corporations in athletic competitions is prohibited and we feel that gambling should be identical. Shirt sponsorship, stadium advertisements sbobet malaysia and other branding need not be apparent during matches to be genuinely successful.”

In addition to supporting the cause, Forest Green will also collaborate closely with Gambling with Lives and the Big Step to campaign against gambling advertisements in sport, which refuses to sponsor gambling.

Commercial and logos 

“It’s like gambling’s gambling took over football,” said Dale OBE, chairman of Forest Green Rovers. When you watch a game on TV, it is flooded with commercials, with casino logos on almost all the Premier League jerseys and on the screens on the side of the ground. The fun ended for me. That’s a misuse of soccer and soccer lovers.”

The ban on betting sponsorships by a sports club was regarded as the most probable result of the review of British gambling laws and the proposal was claimed to have been endorsed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his cabinet although Rick Parry, President of the English Football League, raising questions on the financial consequences.

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Meeting held 

The ban on sports club betting is regarded as “the most possible result” for the review of British gaming laws, and the ideas are reportedly backed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his cabinet.

However, the proposed prohibition drew opposition, claiming that “in the face of the pandemic,” Rick Parri, chairman of the EFL, would be disastrous as a result of a substantial reduction of income betting patrons for lower-level football clubs.

The funding for the Big Step movement by Forest Green is increasingly being placed under media and political pressure as sponsorships for sportive betting continue with the UK government’s review of the Gambling Act 2005.


Any 55 sponsorships or affiliation deals with 44 football clubs are present in the top 2 divisions in England. However, some Premier League teams met at the end of March to negotiate the future of their respective agreements.

Betting advertisement 

It will be disastrous after the pandemic,” the Financial Times told Parry. “There is no proof that prohibiting sponsorship reduces the incidence of problem play.” As a result of the rising demand for DCMS on introduce a blanket ban to football supporters to mirror activities in Italy and Spain, the EFL has already justified its approach to the settling of ads and its ties with the UK play industry.